Transport Platform


- Mounted and Welded on ASSEMBLY BOARD (Standardised product)

- Raw Material Certification

- MIG / MAG welding process

- – Refforts ¼" Plate Bottom (6,35mm)

- FIXED ramp, forming part of the structure of the Platform

- MOBILE ramp, can be used for boarding from the rear or from the sides

- Embedded Wire Ratchets

- Frontal Beam (Headboard) Made of U10" Beam 100% Closed in 3/8" plate (9,53mm)

- – Front fender Manufactured in SQUARE TUBES (without splices) with 1,60m of HEIGHT

- – Built-in Floor Mounted Lashing Hooks

- Machine Tire Socket with Removable Lid

- U-Beam Chassis 10"Laminated with 3/8" + ¼" (9,53mm + 6,35mm)

- Anti-slip floor in 1/8" (3.2mm) or 3/16" (4.76mm)

- Setback for Installation of MUNCKS, GUINDASTES, GARRAS SUCATEIRAS, ETC...

- Display Bumper and Width warning signs;

- TOTAL Signalling (Reflective Bands)



- – Platform Agricultural:

- Quick coupling Side Railing System (from 0,30m up to 1,20m high)

- System of structural Side Guards, which serve as extension of useful transport width (from 2.60m to 3.20m WIDTH)

- – Scrap-carrying platform:

- FLOOR PLAIN with sheet thickness #12 (2,66mm) up to ¼" (6,35mm)

- Rollers front and rear

- Special Systems for mooring of specific loads (Drums, Firewood, Irrigation Pipes, Hidro-Roll, etc...)

- For special applications, please consult Commercial/Engineering

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