The processed cotton lint is carried by air to the Condenser so that a uniform and continuous blanket is formed, preparing the lint for pressing, promoting a bale with better appearance and uniformity. The drum is made of perforated stainless steel plate, rubber sealing around the drum preventing air leakage. The unloading system with grooved cylinders with 12.1/2" diameter - 317,5mm floating with pneumatic adjustment and a grooved cylinder with 8.5/8" diameter - 219,0mm, a rubber roller simultaneously activated by "V" belts, gears and double chains with a 15 hp - 1800rpm gear motor with protection. Inputs and outputs made of stainless steel and access doors for maintenance. The diameter of the equipment together with the "overshot" flow system, enable the Condenser to operate with better production capacity, reaching up to 60 bales/hour.


Capacity: 15 to 60 bales/hour

Splined Cylinders: 12.1/2" - 317,5mm

Splined Cylinders: 8.5/8" - 219,0mm

Electric Motor: 15hp - 1800rpm 1:11 reducer or 25hp - 1800rpm 1:11 reducer

Versions available:

- 41" x 72" - 1041mm

- 54" x 72" - 1371mm

- 80" x 54" - 2032mm

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